3-D Astro-Photography

Aurora Slide Show

“Nitescapes 3-D” is a one hour program for virtually any age group. The program consists of 3-D images taken at night under extremely dark skies. Two cameras are used to take the pictures to obtain the stereo effect. The program starts with comets and moves quickly to the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. The public wears polarized 3-D glasses which transform the special lenticular screen into an almost alien world of strange boreal trees, 45 degrees below zero weather, and beautiful auroras filling the skies. Space music, by award winning Jonn Serrie, is played during the show while Bryan narrates, giving his personal experiences. This show has been given to area schools, museums, clubs, fundraisers and even a wedding reception!

This program is a unique way to not only entertain a group but to educate them as to the incredible beauty of the night sky.

Event Request Form

Fill in the attached event request form (Word doc), save it and email it back to NBryanWhite@netscape.net.